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Marshmallow & S'more

Marshmallow & S'more was born when I decided to try out a James Martin recipe for vanilla marshmallows some time in 2016. I already had all the required kitchen equipment, my husband having bought me my beautiful orange KitchenAid several Christmases earlier. At last it could be put to full use other than just looking pretty on the kitchen top. The marshmallows were a revelation, and I soon started trying new flavours out on family and friends. I took the plunge and did a couple of artisan markets, and found that there were lovely people out there who not only liked my mallows, they were happy to pay me for them. Since then I have tried many, many different flavours, and the ideas still keep coming, some great, some not so much (I quite liked 'Sweet Pickle', but it was never a big seller!)  Three years on, I finally cracked the challenge of making a vegan/vegetarian mallow, and these too are available on this site.


The 'S'more' in the name was really there to allow me to extend beyond just marshmallows as I never intended to limit myself to just one type of sweetie. I do produce a unique and delicious version of a S'more, but until I work out how to post these, my delicious Cookie Cup S'mores are only available at Artisan markets.

I was a big fan of Thornton's Butter Tablet, but as it was discontinued I decided to make my own. A little research took me directly to Scottish Tablet, a wondrous thing that I like to describe as Grown-Up fudge. It took a while to actually understand it and longer to produce the perfect tablet that would satisfy the most stringent of Scottish judges. Once I'd achieved that, I set about trying out different flavours: sea salt; treacle; whisky, even chocolate and chilli. Again, family and friends were my main guinea pigs, but I was confident by now and soon hit the artisan markets with my newest product, with great success.

With my two main products now established, I still couldn't resist trying other goodies that involved copious amounts of sugar. I'm not actually a big drinker - I much prefer my alcohol in food rather than in a glass - and so started my range of Very Boozy Fudge.


You will find other wonderous delights on sale here, and no doubt I will add more in time, but please please try my Treacle Honeycomb and my Cookie Dough Balls as they are a delight!

I hope to hear from you soon xxx

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